Change your Outlook: notifications

Fed up of seeing constant email notifications with updates about the broken elevator, blocked sink, missing milk? (That’s an in-joke for my work colleagues.)

Distractions can break your flow, and email notifications can be a constant distraction, leading to a very unproductive day. But this article is about more than just switching off email notifications altogether, which I think frightens many.

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Quick Access Toolbar

Are you always hunting around the ribbon in Excel (or Word/Outlook) to find your favourite button? Have you configured your Quick Access Toolbar (QAT) in each MS Office application? It’s easy to set up – just think about what you need on a regular basis, and keep adding as you go.

So click on this little down arrow:

quick access toolbar1

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Mouse essentials

Okay, so I wanted to call this article “Mousey sensuals”. #cringe
I see a fair number of people who don’t know how to use a mouse properly. Sad, but true. A mouse is a powerful tool in the right hand (or the left, if you’re one of those odd types).

One click or two?
I think the best way to put this, although not without its exceptions, is this:

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