What is a Systems Accountant?

Just when I thought Wikipedia had something on everything, I key in “Systems Accountant” and find there is no article on this topic. And a Google search yields mainly job offerings.

So what is a Systems Accountant?

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A word about Word

Anyone can use Microsoft Word, right? WRONG!!!

There’s nothing wrong with throwing together a quick one-page document in Word – that’s ideal for a letter. But once you venture into the realms of page 2, it’s not enough to ‘just type’.

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GR/IR 101

This is your introduction to GR/IR – no we’re not sending GR/IR to Room 101!

Every ERP system will have its version of GR/IR, by which I mean a system to account for purchasing activity on an accruals basis. (Did you spot those keywords? That’s why, here at TSA, we love GR/IR… ok, just me then…)

When you use purchase ordering, you will have a process to recognise delivery (the goods receipt, or GR) and a process to record invoices (the invoice receipt, or IR). This helps the business ensure that invoices are not paid without a confirmation that the related goods have been received.

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Change your Outlook: notifications

Fed up of seeing constant email notifications with updates about the broken elevator, blocked sink, missing milk? (That’s an in-joke for my work colleagues.)

Distractions can break your flow, and email notifications can be a constant distraction, leading to a very unproductive day. But this article is about more than just switching off email notifications altogether, which I think frightens many.

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